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Atelier Derek Uskert

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ADU strives to offer the most competitively priced high-end Architectural projects in the marketplace.  Many firms allocate considerable portions of their budgets to research and development of their design details and specifications.  We go a step beyond and continually survey market prices for construction and products in order to assure our clients are not just getting the most well designed products, but also great prices for them.

Working with ADU

We believe fully in a transparent design and construction process.  All bids, invoices, discounts, and prices are passed directly to our clients for their review and comment.  Please call to set up an appointment.  We look forward to meeting you.

Architectural Services



Insurance Claim Review
Insurance Claim Responses
Assistance in Site Selection
As-built Drawings
Consultant Coordination
*Consultants in Pre-Design include Real Estate Brokers, Surveyors, Soils Engineers, Civil Engineers, etc.


Floor Plan
Exterior Design
Site Design
Lighting Design
Furniture Design
Fireplace Design
Kitchen Cabinetry Design
Bathroom Vanity Design
Consultant Coordination
*Consultants in design stage include Computer Artists, Interior Designers, Sustainable Design consultants, Lighting Designers, Landscape Architects, Audio/Visual Consultants, Safety Consultants, etc.

Design Development

Building Sections
Exterior Elevations
Product Specification
Consultant Coordination
*Consultants in design development stage include Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, etc.

Bidding and Negotiation

Request Bids
Compare General Contractor Bids
Compare Sub-Contractor bids

Permitting and Construction Documents

Permit Expediting
Construction Details
Permit Set

Construction Administration

Site Visits
Shop Drawing Reviews
Respond to Requests for Information